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Bad & Boujee Tanning

Cream / Gel Tanning Accelerator 100ML

Cream / Gel Tanning Accelerator 100ML

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Are you looking for your next tanning accelerator cream/gel ? Look no further!

Designed to speed up Tanning in the sun or on the sunbeds. Our high-quality formula features a
blend of premium ingredients that will leave
your skin feeling nourished, moisturised, and
radiant. Crafted with care, our tanning
accelerator lotion harnesses the power of
nature to enhance your tanning experience.
Infused with rich antioxidants, our unique
blend of botanical extracts and oilswork in
harmony to provide a deeply hydrating effect,
leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth.

Our accelerator is NOT tested on animals, Is 100% organic & GLUTEN FREE also 100% recyclable

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